Crosstalk of metabolic and epigenetic pathways in systemic sclerosis (SSc)


Targeting metabolic pathways in systemic sclerosis (SSc) could represents a promising new treatment strategy in SSc.

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Project lead
B Burja
University Medical Centre Ljubljana
FOREUM research grant: € 150.000

Meet the team

Project Lead

B Burja
University Medical Centre Ljubljana
M Tomšič
University Medical Centre Ljubljana
K Lakota
University Medical Centre Ljubljana
O Distler
University of Zurich
M Frank-Bertoncelj
University of Zurich


The aim is to explore dysregulation of metabolic pathways in SSc and determine, whether metabolic substrates, such as aKG, influence the pro-fibrotic activities of SSc fibroblasts. Targeting metabolic pathways might halt fibrosis in SSc with direct implications for drug discovery in SSc


WP1: Determine metabolic dysregulation present in fibrotic SSc skin
WP2: Identify possible metabolic intermediates to interfere with profibrotic activation in SSc
WP3: Determine the effects of metabolic treatment on profibrotic activation of dermal fibroblasts
WP4: Extend analysis on fibrotic human skin
WP5: Present new data at international meetings
WP6: Submit a manuscript to a high impact journal


EULAR Abstracts


  • SAT0292: Integrative transcriptomic and functional analysis reveals a role of dimethyl-α-ketoglutarate in TGFβ-driven cytoskeleton regulation and myofibroblast differentiation

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