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Funded research

Between 2014 and 2020 FOREUM funded more than 65 projects, totaling almost EUR 20 million in grants.


FOREUM Foundation for Research in Rheumatology seeks to raise funds from interested commercial and non-commercial donors that share FOREUM's vision and goals.

FOREUM Brochure

It is with great pleasure that FOREUM shares its research projects in a comprehensive new brochure.

How to apply

The proposals are independently peer-reviewed to evaluate their feasibility, novelty, design, relevance, and potential impact relative to the subject matter of the call. 

About us

FOREUM Foundation for Research in Rheumatology is promoting health in individuals with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases through effective research.

Information centre

Since 2019 FOREUM awards the best abstract acknowledging the foundation as supporter of the project. The first author receives the award during the annual EULAR Opening Plenary Session.