How funding decisions are made

The proposals are independently peer-reviewed to evaluate their feasibility, novelty, design, relevance, and potential impact relative to the subject matter of the call. In addition, the involvement of patient-related research partners will be evaluated.

Based on this peer review, the FOREUM Scientific Committee makes a funding recommendation to the FOREUM Executive Committee and the FOREUM Board of Trustees, which makes the final funding decisions.

Members of the FOREUM committees and EULAR Council Committee are not allowed to submit or to participate in applications.

Ethical aspects
FOREUM expects a high standard in the conduct of research it funds. For researchers this includes scientific integrity and adherence to the principles of good research practice. Patients subjected to investigation shall be included with due adherence to the declaration of Helsinki.


An applicant must be an MD or PhD, who is appropriately linked to RMD research in Europe. All other eligibility criteria will be listed in a call text of a respective call for proposals.