International exchange fellowships (3 years)

FOREUM international exchange fellowships are intended to fund excellent research projects in the field of RMDs that address any basic, translational or clinical aspect of these conditions.

The international exchange fellowship is based on two stages:
1.    Initial stay in a host center to be introduced, mentored, and trained in specific techniques, models or patient data that are required to start and successfully conduct the project
2.    Subsequent return to the home center to further develop and complete the research project in a protected academic time through the fellowship.
The fellow will be supported for a period of 12 months to visit the host center (first stage) and, upon successful completion, for another 24 months in the home center (second stage).

10 letters of intent were received, peer reviewed and thoroughly evaluated. As a result, three projects are being funded.

T-cells in outcome of JIA
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Influence of metabolism on fibrosis in SSc
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US JADAS inflammation markers in JIA patients
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