FOREUM Call for research proposals on fatigue and pain in RMDs

Fatigue and pain are central manifestations on many different forms of Rheumatic Musculoskeletal Diseases (RMDs), and are underappreciated in research to date. Due to this unmet need, FOREUM announces a call for basic, translational and clinical studies that help to better understand fatigue and pain in RMDs. With this call FOREUM aims to instigate high-quality research that improves understanding of the pathogenesis, clinical relevance and management of fatigue and pain in RMDs.

FOREUM seeks to support projects in the following areas:

  • Mechanistic studies that allow to better explain the nature of fatigue and/or pain in RMDs
  • Studies identifying genetic, molecular, clinical or psychosocial factors associated with fatigue and/or pain in RMDs
  • Projects that address the clinical impact of fatigue and/or pain in RMDs as well as their relation to objective (e.g. inflammatory) manifestations of the disease
  • New management concepts that improve fatigue and/or pain in patients with RMDs

FOREUM primarily encourages collaboration across Europe and therefore requires multi-center project applications involving partners from at least three different countries.

41 letters of intent were received, peer reviewed and thorougly evaluated. As a result, three projects are being funded.

Autoimmune and molecular mechanisms for pain and fatigue in fibromyalgia
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Exploring the effects of a combined exercise programme on pain and fatigue outcomes in people with systemic sclerosis
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Targeting nociplastic pain in arthritis
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