Epigenetic mechanisms underlying trained immunity in health and disease


This study will be the first to investigate the role of DAMPs in the induction of epigenetic changes during chromatin reprogramming resulting in innate immune memory in RA. By targeting specific mechanisms of trained immunity on either molecular, protein or epigenetic level, novel therapeutic approaches could be developed.

Facts and figures

Project lead
K Laskari
Athens University Medical School
FOREUM research grant: €50'000
2019 - 2020

Meet the team

K Laskari
Athens University Medical School
P Sfikakis
Athens University Medical School
O Distler
University of Zurich


The team aims at investigating the trained properties of yet not investigated PAMPs/DAMPs on peripheral monocytes of healthy individuals and RA patients in vitro as well as the contribution of fibroblasts and T cells in the induction of trained immunity. In addition, it is aimed at comparing the trained immunity process in the peripheral blood and synovial tissue monocytes of RA patients.
At the same time, it will be tried to better characterize the chromatin dynamic changes occurring in trained monocytes and identify novel transcription factor motifs.