Comorbidities in OA


OA is the most common arthritis and a major cause of disability in adults. Recently we found that 67% of people with OA have one or more other diseases such as stroke, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and depression that is two times more than people without OA. However, whether these diseases just happen coincidently or have any association with OA remains unknown. This study aims to find the reasons of multiple diseases accompanying OA, identify common disease-groups, examine their impact and validate the results across countries.

Facts and figures

Project lead
W Zhang
University of Nottingham
FOREUM research grant: €600'000
2019 - 2022

Meet the team

W Zhang
University of Nottingham
S Bierma-Zeinstra
Erasmus MC Netherlands
M Englund
Lund University
D Prieto-Alhambra
Autonomous University of Barcelona


This project aims to examine:
1. incidence and prevalence of other diseases in people with osteoarthritis (OA) compared with those without OA
2. time sequence and causal effects of OA on other diseases
3. common groups of multiple diseases and impact in people with OA
4. consistency between countries

Patient voice

Three PPI meetings have been organised of which one person with multiple diseases have raised great concern from people with OA. Three PRPs, one from the EULAR PARE Network (Irene Pitsllidou), one from the UK (Sally Eaton) and one from the Netherlands (Jenny Cockshull) have been involved in the deployment of this proposal and writing up this lay summary. They will be part of the project steering committee and co-authors to manage the project and disseminate the results. Within this project we have allocated funds to PRPs/PPIs to visit both the participant centres and the funder FOREUM. After the study, we will discuss with the PPIs/PRPs the results from the project, their significance and how to carry the findings forward.