Immune mediators and metabolites to stratify SLE patients at high risk of cardio vascular diseases (IMSLE)


CVD is nowadays one of the most common causes of death (27%) in lupus patients. While traditional CV risk factors cannot explain such increased CV morbidity associated with SLE, common disease factors shared between SLE, atherosclerosis and treatment exposure may be of outmost importance in this process. Our consortium has identified three different pathways shared by SLE and atherosclerosis pathogenesis. Exploring these interconnected pathways in SLE patients together with traditional and other well-established disease-related factors, might lead to a better stratification of CV risk in SLE.

Facts and figures

Project lead
P Blanco
University Hospital Bordeaux
FOREUM research grant: €595'000
2019 - 2022

Meet the team

P Blanco
University Hospital Bordeaux
B Faustin
University Hospital Bordeaux
C Richez
University Hospital Bordeaux
T Martin
University Hospital Strasbourg
G Ruiz-Irastorza
Hospital Universitario Cruces
R Voll
Albert Ludwig University Freiburg


The general objective of this study is to investigate the accuracy, predictive value and utility of
immunological disease-related biomarkers in stratifying CV risk in patients with SLE.

Patient voice

Study patients will be recruited from the Lupus clinical registers of each participating center, by random sampling, to avoid selection of more severe cases. A validating sample will be available in the LBBR biobank. The French-German LBBR is a European project, which has collected both serum samples and cardiovascular risk factors and events from 1074 lupus
patients ( This will constitute the replication cohort.