Micro RNAs as Biomarkers in Osteoarthritis

Objectives of the Project

OA is still classified based on changes in joint tissues that are visible on conventional radiographs. This scoring system, however, does not accommodate emerging information about disease mechanisms.

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Facts and Figures

Project Lead
Prof. I. Meulenbelt
University Medical Center Leiden
FOREUM pump prime grant: € 75.000
Finalised: December 2016

Meet the Team

Prof. I. Meulenbelt
University Medical Center Leiden
Dr. Ch. Beyer
University Erlangen - Nuremberg
Dr. C. Ospelt
University Hospital Zurich


Circulating Micro RNA have been suggested as potential novel biomarker source because of compelling characteristics. This project prepared applicants to participate in  a competitive bid in the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation action.

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