Intrinsic regeneration of osteoarthritic cartilage by unloading involves peri‐articular stem cell activity: a joint effort

Objectives of the Project

“Spontaneous” cartilage repair  has recently been recognized as proof of concept in man. The collaborative group will delineate the unknown mechanisms by which mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in the context of the intra‐articular milieu are involved in this repair activity ...

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Facts and Figures

Project Lead
Prof. F Lafeber
UMC Utrecht
FOREUM research grant: € 300.000
2015 - 2019

Meet the Team

Prof. F Lafeber
UMC Utrecht
Dr. S Mastbergen
UMC Utrecht
Prof. D McGonagle
University of Leeds
Prof. F Berenbaum
Pierre and Marie Curie University, INSERM, AP-HP Saint-Antoine Hospital

Interim Results

The proposed project will unravel the still unknown mechanisms that lead to cartilage repair (as observed in response to joint distraction) and reveal the mechanisms by which MSCs are involved in this repair activity, how intra articular soluble mediators influence their activity, and how their role can be optimized. Acquiring this knowledge will cross new frontiers to optimize, refine and provide solid scientific rationale for an exciting and tangible novel treatment of OA.


  • Bedate AM, Mastbergen SC, Coeleveld K, et al. Intrinsic Cartilage Repair By Joint Distraction Is Triggered By a High Extracellular Matrix Turnover in Early Stages; Osteoarthritis and Cartila- ge;24:S160-S161.
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