Deciphering the role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Neutrophils in the SLE pathogenesis

Objectives of the Project

In this project we will in detail characterize the role of neutrophils, our most abundant white blood cell in SLE and their important feature to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) to kill bacteria.

We will investigate effects of ROS on some of the most well-known dysregulated processes we know in SLE. This increased understanding of how neutrophils are involved in SLE will also be used to develop biomarkers which will be used to predict and monitor the disease.

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Facts and Figures

Project Lead
Prof. A. Bengtsson
Lund University
FOREUM research grant: @ 150.000
March 2016, Duration 3 years

Meet the Team

Prof. A. Bengtsson
Lund University
Prof. A. Blom
Lund University
Prof. N. Heegard
Statens Serum Institut
Prof. M. Herrmann
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen - Nuremberg
Prof. R. Holmdahl
Karolinska Institutet
Prof. F. Ivars
Lund University
Prof. S. Jacobsen
Copenhagen University

Patient Voice

We are since many years always working in close collaboration with patients that are also taking part in the projects, letting us be influenced by patients from their perspectives.