NET-ting the autoreactive B cell memory by therapeutically targeting the humoral autoimmunity in patients with SLE

Objectives of the Project

Patients with SLE typically have circulating autoantibodies against DNA as a result of a humoral (auto-)immune response.

The research project intends to  comprehensively study the pathophysiology of the humoral autoimmune response in SLE patients

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Facts and Figures

Project Lead
Dr. Y. K. O. Teng
University Medical Center Leiden
FOREUM research grant: € 300.000
April 2016, Duration 3 years

Meet the Team

Dr. Y. K. O. Teng
University Medical Center Leiden
Prof. R. Voll
University Medical Centre, Albert Ludwig University
Prof. D. Isenberg
University College London

Patient Voice

The experimental nature of our research proposal limits the potential contribution of patient research partners. It is however noteworthy that patient representatives are involved in the separate clinical trials at each collaborating centre which investigate therapeutic strategies that specifically target humoral autoimmunity.