Pro-resolving mediators in Osteoarthritis: Homeostatic signals in the joint organ?

Objectives of the Project

Osteoarthritis (OA) is characterized by a progressive loss of tissue homeostasis leading to structural damage in the whole joint. Inflammation is a key component of OA in a large number of patients and a clear therapeutic target.

The applicants hypothesize that inflammation in OA is sustained by a lack of pro-resolving molecules. The characterization of poly-unsaturated fatty acid metabolites as specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM) ... 

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Facts and Figures

Project Lead
Prof. R. Lories
FOREUM research grant: € 300.000
November 2014, Duration 3 years

Meet the Team

Prof. R. Lories
Prof. P. L. Meroni
University of Milano
Prof. O. de Lucia
University of Milano
Prof. I. Facsinay
University Medical Center Leiden
Prof. Z. Szekanecz
University of Debrecen

Patient Voice

For this laboratory project, based on novel technologies, patients have not been directly involved in the design of the experiments.

However, the development of novel strategies will clearly benefit the patients.

In accordance with the EULAR perspective on patient involvement, trained patients participate in the consortium meetings not only to update the community about our research but to add their perspective to the progress of the work.