Novel Treatment Targets in Early-Stage Osteoarthritis

Objectives of the Project

The meniscus is an important shock absorber in the knee, whose breakdown is an early event in the development of osteoarthritis (OA). Our aims are:

  • To learn about the molecular breakdown of the meniscus that causes it to tear
  • To develop new means to detect and monitor meniscus breakdown and early OA prior to onset of symptoms
  • To identify novel drug targets for new treatments that slow or cure the breakdown of meniscus tissue, to thereby prevent OA. 

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Facts and Figures

Project lead
Assoc. Prof. M. Englund
Lund University
FOREUM research grant: € 600.000
2018, Duration 3 years

Meet the Team

Assoc. Prof. M. Englund
Lund University
Assoc. Prof. P Önnerfjord
Lund University
Prof. J Svensson
Lund University
Dr. M Nieminen
University of Oulu
Assoc. Prof. S Saarakkala
University of Oulu
Assoc. Prof. E Oei
Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Patient Voice

We have worked with two patient research partners in the design of this study. We have received positive feedback from them on our project goals and design, and will continue working with them as the study progresses.