A prediction score for individuals at risk for SLE by integrating clinical, serologic and transcriptomic data

Objectives of the Project

Our study seeks to define the major clinical, environmental etc. factors that put someone at risk for lupus, especially the severe forms (e.g. kidney disease, neuropsychiatric lupus). These results will be complemented with the analysis of the genomic ‘make-up’ of individuals, which consists of several thousand genes (“transcriptome”) and is responsible for the disease.



First, patient registries of individuals with: autoantibodies but no disease, incomplete forms of lupus, and established lupus, will be reviewed to detect a first set of risk factors. Second, we will recruit healthy individuals with autoantibodies or first-degree relatives of patients with lupus.

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Facts and Figures

Project Lead
Prof. G Bertsias
University of Crete
FOREUM research grant: € 400.000
2018 - 2021

Meet the Team

Prof. G Bertsias
University of Crete
Mrs. A Stara
Arthritis Foundation Crete
Prof. A Tincani
University of Brecia
Prof. M Mosca
University of Pisa
Dr. L Inês
Centro Hospitalar E Universitario de Coimbra
Mrs. K Lerstroem
Lupus Europe
Prof. C Pamfil
University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Prof. S Jacobsen
Copenhagen University
Prof. E. Dermitzakis
University Hospitals of Geneva
Dr. A. Fanouriakis
University Hospital

Patient Voice

The Arthritis Foundation of Crete participates in the consortium and has already been involved in the discussions and the design of the study.

Its representatives will participate in all consortium meetings where the study details will be finalized and the results will be presented and discussed.

In all phases, the patients’ views will be incorporated as much as possible. Besides helping with patient recruitment and retention strategies (possible risk of the project), the Foundation will assist in the dissemination of the results.