Open Call for Innovative Medicine

FOREUM Foundation for Research in Rheumatology announces a program to support innovative concepts to improve the diagnosis and treatment of Rheumatic Musculoskeletal Diseases (RMDs). This program is designed as an open research call seeking for the best and most visionary approaches to better understand RMDs and to improve the life of patients with RMDs.

As such, the call is not limited to a specific disease within the RMD spectrum but rather intends to target fundamentally new concepts that have potential to gain concept-changing insights into RMDs (for further details please open the pdf "Call text" below).

FOREUM primarily encourages collaboration across Europe and therefore requires multi-center project applications involving partners from at least three different countries. Any given institution shall be allowed to lead on only one application. However, that institution, or its staff may participate in other projects as collaborators.

Important dates
Closing date for Letter of intent:  5 March 2019
Decisions on Letter of intent announced: 25 April 2019
Closing date for full proposals: 29 May 2019
Decisions on full proposals announced: 1 July 2019
Projects to begin by: 1 September 2019

Call text
Letter of intent
Lay summary