Funding principles and criteria

In its current research funding strategy, FOREUM only considers research applications received in the wake of a specific FOREUM call for research proposals. In principle, FOREUM strives to issue two calls per year.  Applications are invited following a two-step approach:

  • First, applicants are invited to send a Letter of Intent following announcement of a call for proposals. In general 8 weeks are allowed for this first application step.
  • After careful expert evaluation of the received Letters of Intent by the FOREUM Scientific Committee, a selected number of applicants are invited to work our and submit a Full Project Proposal following our standard template. In general again 8 weeks are allowed for this second step.

In general, FOREUM supports research following these criteria:

  • Applications are multi-centre projects involving partners from at least three different countries (except for exchange calls, where two countries suffice)
  • Any given institution leads on one application only; that institution, or its staff, may however participate in other projects as collaborator
  • The Principal Investigators, and the majority of project contributions, come from Europe or neighboring countries as defined by EULAR membership
  • The major funding source of the project is FOREUM; additional funding sources must be disclosed in terms of donor and amount; industry funding is considered exceptionally
  • Occasionally, FOREUM may consider projects with a  focus on developing scientific grounds for a large funding application such as the European Union or National Institutes of Health.

FOREUM supports research fellowships:

Applications for research fellowship projects can also be accepted with a different set of criteria, following a specific call for research fellowship proposals.