Role of mucosal antigens for the pathogenesis of Spondyloarthritis

Objectives of the Project

This project aims to improve the understanding of what causes and stimulates inflammation in spondyloarthritis patients.

Specifically we want to test the hypothesis that the barrier function of the gut is impaired in spondyloarthritis patients, which could promote the entry of bacterial components from the gut into the body. Such bacterial components can activate directly or indirectly pathogenic immune responses.

Facts and Figures

Project Lead
Prof. U Syrbe
FOREUM research grant: € 300.000
2017 - 2020

Meet the Team

Prof. U Syrbe
Prof. M Breban
Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines
Prof. P Jacques
VIB vzw
Prof. D. Elewaut
VIB vzw

Patient Voice

As this study involves established patient cohorts and basic research it is difficult to include patients at this stage into the design of the study.

We will include patient-reported disease activity scores, patient reported functional scores as well as the patient acceptable symptom state (PASS) score as these were assessed at the time of sample acquisition and determine relations of translocation biomarkers to these patient reported outcome parameters.

Interim Results

Within the project the barrier function of the gut will be analysed in human gut tissue from SpA patients and HLA-B27 transgenic rats. Furthermore, soluble and cellular biomarkers indicative of bacterial translocation will be analysed in blood from SpA patients. Up to now, collection of patient and experimental animal material was started. Methods for isolation and detection of relevant parameters have been set up.